Implement a class for a square that can grow by a given percentage.

Complete the following file:

/** A square is a rectangle whose sides have the same length. */ public class Square { private double length; /** Constructs a square with a given side length. @param sideLength the length of each side */ public Square(double sideLength) { // your work here } /** Returns the area of this square. @return the area */ public double area() { // your work here } /** Grows the side length of this square. @param percentage the percentage by which to grow the square (for example, 10 if the square is to be grown by 10%). */ public void grow(double percentage) { // your work here } // This method is used for checking your work. Do not modify it. public static double check(double s, double p) { Square sq = new Square(s); sq.grow(p); return sq.area(); } }