Complete the method named middleValue, in the program below, named, so that it accepts an array of integer values as a parameter, and returns the value in the middle of the array.

For instance, if an array contains five elements, then the third element would be the middle element to be returned. However, if the array contains six elements, both the third and fourth values could be considered to be the middle elements. In this case, only return the first middle value, namely, the third element of the array.

Complete the following file:

public class ArrayOps { /** This method accepts and integer array as a parameter, and then returns the "middle" value of the array. For an array of odd length, this would be the actual middle value. For an array of even length, there are TWO middle values, so only the first of the two values is returned. @param values, an array of integers @ return, the "middle" element of the array */ public static int middleArray(int values[]) { // your work here } }