Complete the program below so that it prompts for and reads in three integer values, and then prints out the smallest of the three.

For example, one sample run of this program looks like the following:

Please enter three integer values: 66 22 34
Smallest: 22 

Complete the following file:

import java.util.Scanner; /** This program reads three integer values and prints out the smallest of the three. If the values are equal, print out only one of them. */ public class Smallest { public static void main(String[] args) { // Print prompt to enter three integer values System.out.println("Please enter three integer values:"); // Read in the three integer values Scanner in = new Scanner(; int value1 = in.nextInt(); int value2 = in.nextInt(); int value3 = in.nextInt(); // Determine and print out the smallest value System.out.println(smallest); } }