Complete the program below that prompts for an interest rate (INT) and prints out a table of the future values (FV) of a certificate of deposit (CD) that begins at $1,000.00 (present value or PV) for different numbers of years (YRS): 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. You should use the following formula for future value (FV):

Use the Math.pow() method shown in section 2.5.3.

While the number of years may be an integer, all amounts of money and all interest rates should be double variables. The future value amounts (FV) should be printed out to two decimal places.

For the interest rate of 7.50%, the table should look like this:

 0 1000.00
 5 1435.63  
10 2061.03  
15 2958.88  
20 4247.85  
25 6098.34

Complete the following file:

import java.util.Scanner; /** A program that reads in an interest rate and creates a table of future values of a one-thousand dollar certificate of deposit for that interest rate and different numbers of years. All variables should be of type double, except for the number of years. */ public class CDTable { public static void main (String[] args) { // Display prompt for interest rate System.out.print("Please enter the rate of interest: "); // Read interest rate Scanner in = new Scanner(; double rate = in.nextDouble(); int years = 0; double presentVal = 1000.00; System.out.printf("%2d %7.2f\n", years, presentVal); // Print out different values for different years // Your work here } }