Implement the hashCode method for the LabeledPoint class so that equal objects have the same hash code and that unequal objects are likely to have different hash codes.

Complete the following file:

public class LabeledPoint { /** Constructs a labeled point with a given position and label. @param anX the x-coordinate of the point @param aY the y-coordinate of the point @param aLabel the label of the point */ public LabeledPoint(int anX, int aY, String aLabel) { x = anX; y = aY; label = aLabel; } public boolean equals(Object otherObject) { LabeledPoint other = (LabeledPoint) otherObject; return x == other.x && y == other.y && label.equals(other.label); } public int hashCode() { // TODO: Complete method } // This method tests your work public static boolean check(int x1, int y1, String s1, int x2, int y2, String s2) { LabeledPoint lp1 = new LabeledPoint(x1, y1, s1); LabeledPoint lp2 = new LabeledPoint(x2, y2, s2); return lp1.hashCode() == lp2.hashCode(); } private int x; private int y; private String label; }