A team has players. Use aggregation to complete the class constructor and the listTeam and addPlayer methods of the Team class below.

Output should be formatted as follows:

[Player1-Role1, Player2-Role2, Player3-Role3, Player4-Role4, Player5-Role5,  Player6-Role6]

Complete the following file:


/** Represents a sports team */ public class Team { public Team() { // TODO: Use aggregation to create a // team roster consisting of 6 players. } /** Produces a listing of all team members and their positions. @return a formatted list of all team members and their positions */ public String listTeam() { // TODO: Complete this method to provide a string value containing the // complete list of players, formatted as shown in the instructions. } /** Adds a new player to the team roster. * @param aPlayer a Player object */ public void addPlayer(Player aPlayer) { // TODO: Complete this method to add a player to the team. } }

Use the following files:


public class Player
   private String name;
   private String position;

   public Player(String aName, String aPosition)
      name = aName;
      position = aPosition;
   public String getName()
      return name;
   public String getPosition()
      return position;
   public String toString() 
      return name + "-" + position;


public class TeamTester
   public static void main(String[] args)
      Team aTeam = new Team();
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Fred","Left wing"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Carl","Right wing"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Louie","Center"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Max","Defense"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Jason","Defense"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Alphonse","Goalie"));
      aTeam.addPlayer(new Player("Juliet","Coach")); // shouldn't be added

      System.out.println("Expected: [Fred-Left wing, Carl-Right wing, "
         + "Louie-Center, Max-Defense, Jason-Defense, Alphonse-Goalie]");