Your task is to read a file containing exam scores, and to write another file that contains the results of processing the exam scores. The output file should number and list each score that was read in, show the total number of scores that were read, and show the average score. The output format should contain these lines:

Score 1: 90.0
Score 2: 80.0
Score 3: 92.0
Score 4: 83.0
Score 5: 74.0
Score 6: 93.0
Score 7: 79.0
Score 8: 89.0
Score 9: 84.0
Score 10: 91.0
Number of scores read: 10
Average Score: 85.5

Complete the following file:

/** Reads a file of exam scores and calculates the average score. */ import; import; import java.util.Scanner; import; public class ExamAverage { public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { String inputFileName = "scores.txt"; String outputFileName = "examScoreAverage.txt"; // TODO: Open the input and output files. // Read records from the input file. // Calculate the average score. // Write each exam score, the count of scores read, // and the average score to the output file. } }