Complete the CarMuseum class below so that it implements the given Measurable interface. Your tasks are as follows:

For example, if the input string is "1949 Ford,1943 Studebaker,1950 Chevrolet,1948 Pontiac,1949 Ford,1944 Pontiac,1949 Studebaker", then the getMeasure method of the CarMuseum class should return 6.0.

Complete the following file:

/** Allows input of unique cars into the museum. */ // TODO: modify this class to implement the Measurable interface import java.util.*; public class CarMuseum { private ArrayList<String> cars; public CarMuseum(String input) { cars = new ArrayList<String>(); // TODO: complete this method to add // cars from the input string. Only // allow unique cars to be added (no // duplicates). } /** Returns the count of cars @return the count of cars in the museum */ // TODO: Implement the getMeasure method from the interface }

Use the following files:

   Tests the CarMuseum class.
public class CarMuseumTester
   public static void main(String[] args)
      CarMuseum museum = new CarMuseum("1949 Ford,1943 Studebaker," +
         "1950 Chevrolet,1948 Pontiac,1949 Ford,1944 Pontiac,1949 Studebaker");
      System.out.println("Number of cars in garage: " + museum.getMeasure());
      System.out.println("Expected: 6.0");

public interface Measurable
   double getMeasure();