Some objects can be doubled, for example a bank account. The result would be a bank account with twice the balance. Some objects can't be doubled. For example, there is no double of a dime coin—no twenty cent coin exists.

The Doubler interface (given below) describes a callback that can compute the doubling of a given object.

Your job is to provide a class RectangleDoubler that computes the doubling of a Rectangle. The doubling should have double the width and height, but the same x and y positions of the top left corner.

Complete the following file:

import java.awt.Rectangle; public class RectangleDoubler . . . { . . . }

Use the following files:

public interface Doubler
   Object makeDouble(Object obj);

import java.awt.Rectangle;

public class RectangleDoublerTester
   public static void main(String[] args)
      Rectangle box = new Rectangle(5, 10, 20, 30);
      RectangleDoubler doubler = new RectangleDoubler();
      System.out.println("Expected: java.awt.Rectangle[x=5,y=10,width=80,height=120]");