A labeled point has an x- and y-position and a label.

Implement the equals method of the LabeledPoint class.

Complete the following file:


// TODO: Implement equals public class LabeledPoint { private double x; private double y; private String label; /** Constructs a labeled point with a given position and label. @param anX the x-coordinate of the point @param aY the y-coordinate of the point @param aLabel the label of the point */ public LabeledPoint(double anX, double aY, String aLabel) { x = anX; y = aY; label = aLabel; } . . . public static boolean check(double x1, double y1, String s1, double x2, double y2, String s2) { LabeledPoint lp1 = new LabeledPoint(x1, y1, s1); LabeledPoint lp2 = new LabeledPoint(x2, y2, s2); return lp1.equals(lp2); } }