Latitude and longitude are measured in degrees, minutes and seconds. As with time measurements, there are 60 seconds to a minute, and 60 minutes to a degree. Many GIS (Geographical Information System) programs express latitude and longitude in degrees only, with the minutes and seconds converted to fractional degrees. For example,

   Latitude 40°15'30" can also be expressed as Latitude 40.25833333333333
Implement a method decimalDegrees to carry out this conversion. Note that degrees may be negative. Use the Math class method abs when computing the decimal degrees. Use the Math class method signum as a multiplier so that the decimal degrees have the same sign as the degrees.

Complete the following file:

/** A class to convert degree, minute, seconds to decimal degrees */ public class Degrees { /** Converts minutes and seconds to decimal degrees @param degrees the degrees between -359 and 359 @param minutes the minutes between 0 and 59 @param seconds the minutes between 0 and 59 @return the equivalent decimal degrees between -360 and 360 (exclusive) */ public double decimalDegrees(int degrees, int minutes, int seconds) { ... } }