The constructor of the Sentence class below makes assumptions about the text parameter:

For example,

new Sentence("Mary had a little lamb.")

is ok, but

new Sentence("Mary had a little lamb")


new Sentence("Mary  had  a  little  lamb!")

are not.

You should add assert statements to the constructor that check for these preconditions.

The check method uses exception handling, a technique introduced in Chapter 11 of the text, to check that you inserted the appropriate assert statements. You need not understand the implementation of the check method at this time, and you should not modify it.

Complete the following file:

public class Sentence { /** Constructs a sentence. @param text the text of the sentence. Words must be separated by single spaces, and the sentence must end in a punctuation mark (. ? !) */ public Sentence(String text) { // TODO: Add assert statements int n = text.length(); String punctuation = text.substring(n - 1, n); words = text.substring(0, n - 1).split(" "); } /** Gets the number of words in this sentence. @return the number of words */ public int getWordCount() { return words.length; } /** Returns a word in this sentence. @param the index of the word (must be at least 0 and less than the word count) @return the ith word */ public String getWord(int i) { return words[i]; } public String toString() { String r = ""; for (String w : words) { if (r.length() > 0) r += " "; r += w; } return r + punctuation; } private String[] words; private String punctuation; /* The following method checks your constructor. We use the exception handling mechanism (see chapter 11) to determine whether (a) the constructor completed normally, (b) your code used an assertion to check a precondition violation, or (c) you failed to use an assertion and some other exception occurred. */ public static String check(String text) { try { Sentence s = new Sentence(text); return "Constructor completed normally"; } catch (AssertionError error) { return "Precondition violation detected"; } catch (Exception exception) { return "Exception in constructor"; } } }