A simple guessing game asks the player to guess a number between 1 and 50. Hints are returned depending on how far from the number the guess is.

Complete the following file:


import java.util.Random; /** A class to store a number to guess and return a closeness hint */ public class GuessNumber { private int number; /** Construct an GuessNumber with a random value between 1 and 50 */ public GuessNumber() { Random r = new Random(); number = r.nextInt(50) + 1; } /** Determine how close the guess is and return a hint @return a string describing, in terms of hotness or coldness, how close the guess is to the number */ public String howClose(int guess) { // Implement this method, following the task description } // Other methods for playing the game omitted--you need not supply any of them // This method is used to check your work public static String check(int number, int guess) { GuessNumber gn = new GuessNumber(); gn.number = number; return gn.howClose(guess); } }